Tatuaje 10th Anniversary

Just a decade ago, Tatuaje burst onto the cigar scene, quickly garnering praise for its innovative cigars and, now, you can celebrate the company’s birthday with our selection of Tatuaje 10th Anniversary cigars.

Few other brands have stayed as true to their origins as Tatuaje. Indeed, the name of the company means “tattoo” in Spanish. No wonder Tatuaje has left such an indelible mark on the cigar-manufacturing scene. Devotees can rely on Lone Star State Cigars to provide the best selection of Tatuaje products. Customers can purchase a wide variety of offerings, including the Reserva J21 Cigars Online.


A Revolutionary Company

Tatuaje was formed by Pete Johnson, a business owner known for his personal tattoos. All of the company’s products, including the Tatuaje 10th Anniversary cigars, are considered full-bodied, but they vary in their level of assertiveness.

Furthermore, the entire line of Tatuaje products consist of pure tobaccos sourced out of Nicaragua; Johnson refuses to compromise even after 10 years in the business. Experts say that the tenth anniversary cigar is nothing short of exquisite, including notes of:

  • Coffee
  • Exotic spices
  • Cocoa
  • Leather


The Reserva Line

Those who purchase Reserva J21 cigars Online should prepare for an outstanding smoking experience. These 5-inch beauties pack a wallop of flavor at a reasonable price point. Devotees point to the unusual flavor profile contained within this elegant cigar; notes include leather, cinnamon and even red pepper.

Reviewers point out the cigar’s increasing complexity as it burns, a mark of true quality and attention to detail. A Reserva J21 is perfect for a lazy afternoon or end-of-day treat.

Can’t decide on just one cigar? Why not consider a Tatuaje Reserva cigars sampler pack? Explore the brand with our sampler options.

Whether you land on the Tatuaje 10th Anniversary cigars or another Tatuaje offering, you can be confident that Lone Star State Cigars is providing you with the highest quality and best prices around. Our online store is fast and convenient, making for an enjoyable cigar shopping experience.