Rocky Patel Edge Lite Cigars

For newcomers to the cigar community, we are here to suggest a cigar that you might particularly enjoy: Rocky Patel Edge Lite cigars. These medium-bodied cigars still deliver creamy flavors, but isn’t so bold to scare you off.

Rocky Patel has laid claim to a number of cigar brands. The Edge is a brand that was said to be incredibly strong and full-bodied, which is not exactly ideal for new cigar smokers. Out of this intimidating brand came it’s lite version. Now, you can find and purchase discount Rocky Patel edge cigars and lite cigars here at our convenient online shop.


A resource for new cigar smokers

It’s always nice to have new people join this time-honored hobby. This is the next generation of cigar smokers that will help carry the tradition into the future.

Rocky Patel Edge Lite cigars are a great place to start for newcomers. As you will read below, there are certain types of cigars that rookies should avoid and also gravitate to.

  • Full-bodied cigars can be a little daunting to a new cigar smoker. While they might carry some great flavors, they are strong and can provide a rough smoking experience.
  • Sticking to more mild blends is a great way for you to develop a palate and decide which brands and blends that you like the most.
  • Lone Star State Cigars lets you shop for discount sampler cigars that let you do just that — sample cigars in an effort to find ones that you truly enjoy. The only way you can find out what you like is by experiencing them.


Also for experienced smokers

Lone Star State Cigars doesn’t just cater to newcomers to the cigar community. We offer discount Rocky Patel edge cigars for the hardened veterans that want a strong cigar that is bursting with flavor.

It doesn’t matter what you are looking for — Rocky Patel Edge Lite cigars or even a humidor to store them in. Lone Star State Cigars has all this, and more.