Rocky Patel Decade Cigars

Rocky Patel Decade cigars have garnered a stellar 95 (out of 100) rating, meaning that they are certainly some of the highest caliber cigars currently on the market. Rocky Patel is a cigar maker brimming with a long list of top-quality brands, and this is just one of them.

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Enjoy some Rocky Patel Decade cigars

The name of this brand is significant for a reason. Rocky Patel took around a decade to make sure that this brand was something special. It appears as if they have succeeded.

Boasting a Sumatra wrapper that covers Rocky Patel’s secret blend, this cigar offers a wide array of flavors, including:

  • Spice and pepper
  • Espresso
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Toasty tones

All of this is delivered in a medium-body cigar that burns evenly and offers smooth finish.


Also offering 15th Anniversary Rocky Patel cigars online

Similar to the Decade series, Rocky Patel produced another clear-cut winner with a series to commemorate its 15th anniversary of being in business. Cigar Aficionado Magazine tagged this cigar with a 93 rating.

This is another medium to full-body cigar that offers a broad range of flavors, including espresso and dark chocolate. Lone Star State Cigars offers 15th Anniversary Rocky Patel cigars online for a lot less than you would buy them for in a specialty shop. At the same time, we deliver the high-quality cigars that you have come to know and love. These certainly are not discounted, damaged goods.

Are Rocky Patel Decade cigars for you? The only way of knowing is by giving them a whirl. Now, you can do that thanks to Lone Star State Cigars.