Premium Cigar Sampler Pack Online

At Lone Star State Cigars, we know that our customers have diverse tastes; instead of choosing only one type of cigar, why not try our premium cigar sampler pack online?

Clients through our online shop can take advantage of multi-tiered, mix-and-match packs that allow them to customize their cigar smoking experience. When you can’t choose just one type of cigar, build your own cigar sampler pack through our online ordering system!


Great for novices and experts

If you are new to the cigar-smoking experience, you can definitely benefit from our system that allows for the purchase of a premium cigar sampler pack online. Instead of committing to an entire box of the same brand, you can taste a wide variety of high-quality cigars at a reasonable rate. Decide which cigars you prefer before you purchase a large quantity of a single type.

Experienced cigar smokers may also benefit from the flexibility provided by the build your own cigar sampler pack. Perhaps you are looking for a selection of cigars to gift to a friend, or you have limited storage space.

Choose all of your favorite cigars without the hassle of storing box upon box. Get the cigars you want when you need them without the hassle of maintaining a large humidor.


The spice of variety!

Our qualified specialists are available to help you choose the perfect sampler pack of top-quality cigars at rock-bottom prices. Experts at Lone Star State Cigars are dedicated to providing you with the best products and the customized experience that can only be found at a local establishment.

Like fine wines and whiskeys, a wide selection of quality cigars are produced in various regions throughout the world. Why limit yourself to a single brand when you can easily create your own premium cigar sampler pack online? Contact us today to learn more about our sampler packs!