Perdomo Champagne Noir Cigars Online

Cigar enthusiasts that come to us looking for Perdomo Champagne Noir cigars online are not disappointed. In fact, for fans of Perdomo, we carry a huge inventory that includes all of their brands, which consist of:

  • Edicion de Silvio
  • 20th Anniversary
  • Exhibicion
  • Fresco
  • Bugatti
  • And MUCH more!

Perdomo has grown into one of the foremost cigar markers throughout the world and Lone Star State Cigars gives hobbyists a convenient way to shop for them. Plus, they are able to purchase them at discounted prices.

We have Perdomo Lot 23 cigars for sale in addition to any other cigar you may be on the hunt for. We even have your covered with a wide range of cigar accessories and other smoking supplies.


Finding Perdomo Champagne Noir Cigars Online

These are amazing cigars — plain and simple. Perdomo added a unique twist on their already popular Champagne series. Champagne Noir cigars utilize bourbon barrel-aged, Cuban-seed Maduro wraps that really make them stand apart from the pack.

The end result is a unique flavor and a stick that burns cleanly and evenly.


We have Perdomo Lot 23 cigars for sale

The Lot 23 series includes medium-bodied cigars that utilize tobacco that is grown on Perdomo’s most exclusive farms. The tobacco is fermented for a year and then left to bale-age for three years. This aged tobacco creates a smoking experience that aficionados have come to know and love.

Not only do we have Perdomo Lot 23 cigars for sale online, but we also make them available at a steal of a price. While you might get these beauties at a cheap price, the quality of the product is anything but.

Load up on quality smokes by taking advantage of our Perdomo Champagne Noir Cigars online. These are the epitome of “the finer things in life.”