Padron 2000 Natural Cigars

Many fans of Padron 2000 natural cigars turn to Lone Star State Cigars to replenish their stash, and do so without spending a lot of money. We pride ourselves in offering some of the most high-end cigars, but at an affordable price.

Simply browse through our inventory and you will see a large array of cigars that have been rated 90 or higher by cigar authorities. Our Padron 2000s are included in that mix, and we even offer customers the chance to buy cheap Padron 2000 natural sampler cigars so they can get an idea of what these special products are all about.


A special type of cigar

Padron 2000 natural cigars are very popular and widely considered one of the finest cigars in the Padron collection. Here is a little background information on this product:

  • These cigars utilize Cuban-seeded tobacco plants to acquire that blend all smokers look for.
  • Are you looking for a cigar that uses aged tobacco for that unique, flavorful taste? You will want to take advantage of our cheap Padron 2000 natural cigars. The tobacco in these cigars is aged for over two years before it’s put into use.
  • This Robusto is five inches long and features a 50-ring gauge. It also features a medium body with complex flavors. Despite the size, this cigar burns slowly, providing a long, enjoyable smoke.

Lone Star State Cigars offers cheap Padron 2000 natural sampler cigars for smokers that are new to this brand. We don’t think you should have to commit to a whole box when you don’t know how much you’ll enjoy the cigar.

Sample cigars come cheap and help you to decipher which products best jive with your palate. This is a cost effective way to explore the world of cigars.

Padron 2000 natural cigars are only a few mouse clicks away — you don’t have to scour through specialty shops to find them. Count on Lone Star State Cigars for all your smoking needs.