Padron 1926 80th Anniversary Cigars

Welcome to Lone Star State Cigars, where we are fully stocked with high quality cigars, illustrated by the fact that we offer Padron 1926 80th Anniversary cigars for sale online. The Padron 1926 series is immensely rare and has garnered some of the best ratings of all the cigars that the Padron family has produced.

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A one-of-a-kind cigar

There is a reason that veteran smokers turn to our Padron 1926 80th Anniversary cigars for sale online. Some aficionados revere this as one of the best cigars ever made.

It certainly ranked up there with Cigar Aficionado Magazine. Here are some other facts to help you become more acquainted with our Padron 80th Anniversary cigars online.

  • This cigar stemmed from Padron’s wildly successful series 1926, which was created to commemorate the birth year of the Padron family head Jose Orlando Padron.
  • The 80th Anniversary series was introduced to commemorate Padron’s 80th birthday. They did so in grand fashion, from Nicaraguan wrapper, binder and filler to its fully body.
  • This cigar is not necessarily considered a great pick for amateurs, who have not developed an intelligent palate for full-bodies cigars. However, it never hurts to try.
  • Just under seven inches in length and a 54-ring gauge, this cigar lacks sweetness, but offers the flavor that comes with tobacco that has been aged for five years. The leaves are so rare that Padron only produces these sparingly, making them quite rare.

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