Gurkha Park Avenue Cigars Online

Lone Star State Cigars customers that are looking for a Rolls Royce cigar at the price of a Kia will be elated to discover our Gurkha Park Avenue cigars online.

Visitors can enjoy top-notch quality at shockingly low prices with our cheap Gurkha Grand Reserve cigars. These gorgeous products consistently receive high praise from cigar experts, and they certainly will not break the bank.

Enjoy an entire box of these beauties at a fraction of the cost of other, equally delicious brands!


About Gurkha Cigars

  • The tradition behind Gurkha cigars dates back to 1887, when colonial soldiers in India began crafting their own cigars. The cigars are named after the bold Nepalese fighters, also known as Gurkhas.
  • Today, the company has reached new heights with its rare and outstanding tobacco products. Interested customers can take advantage of our Gurkha Park Avenue cigars Online to explore this mysterious and historic brand.


The Gurkha Experience

Reviewers consistently sing the praises of cheap Gurkha Grand Reserve cigars, which are known for their buttery and luxuriant bouquet. These aesthetically pleasing cigars are crafted with flawless Connecticut-seed wrappers that are sourced out of Ecuador.

The long-fiber tobacco inside is evenly packed, and it consists of Cuban-seed tobacco from Nicaragua and lush tobacco from the nearby Dominican Republic.

Experienced cigar smokers will relish the leathery flavor of the cigar, which is bolstered by notes of baked bread and tree nuts. These cigars are guaranteed to hold your interest right down to the nub; the smoke is creamy, clean and pleasant throughout the entire smoking experience. Lone Star State Cigars experts know that these top-notch cigars are created for the budget-minded — but no one would ever know that!


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