Gurkha Cigars Online

For some, finding discounted Gurkha cigars online may seem like a pipe dream. The truth is, you really can find these high end cigars at lower prices from Dallas Discount Cigars.

We even offer discount Gurkha cigar sampler deals for those who aren’t sure which cigars they will like and do not want to waste money on an entire box of cigars they’ll never smoke.


What is Gurkha?

If you’ve never heard of this exclusive brand, you are probably new to the cigar scene. That’s all right, though — we are here to teach you.

Gurkha cigars have been around since 1887 and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Don’t mistake their longstanding cigar making tradition for staleness, either.

This is a brand that has offered to let us sell their Gurkha cigars online simply as a convenience to longstanding customers. They have a variety of traditional blends and frequently cater to the needs of celebrities and high ranking officials.


Does that make them better?

The sheer fact that the elite of society frequently indulge in Gurkha cigars doesn’t make them better than another brand. However, there is something to be said for the large base of loyal customers they have amassed.

Now, with our Gurkha cigar deals, you too can experience these elitist cigars at more affordable prices.


How to choose?

When deciding which cigar to choose, we always recommend trying our discount Gurkha cigar sampler deals. Aside from this option, here’s what to look for:

  • Body: This tells you how harsh a cigar will be. Full body is the harshest form.
  • Size: The length of a cigar will determine how long it takes to smoke, and the diameter can affect the flavor as well.
  • Rating: Cigars are rated on a scale of 0-100. Typically, anything under a 70 is a poor rating, 71-79 is average and so on. A cigar between 95 and 100 is exceptional.

Check out all the Gurkha cigars online we have to offer and see just how affordable elite smoking can be.