Crowned Heads Cigars Online

Steep prices of storefront retailers can lead just about any cigar lover to search for Crowned Heads cigars online. Lone Star State Cigars not only provides you a convenient shopping experience but also makes your shopping trip more affordable.

We offer the same high quality cigars that you’ll find in specialty shops, but at discounted prices. Not sure what to try? No problem, just order a discount Crowned Heads cigar sampler or a sampler pack from another favorite brand.


Cigar myths we love to debunk

Ever feel like you’re just misunderstood? The common person often associates cigar lovers with common cigarette smokers. We love debunking some of the common misconceptions these people suffer under.

  • They are highly addictive. This just is not true. Ask nearly anyone who purchases our Crowned Heads cigars online and they will tell you that the aging process that the tobacco undergoes breaks down many of the harmful chemicals, such as nicotine, that are found in cigarettes.
  • It’s a disgusting habit. Not hardly. It’s not a habit at all, really. When you find an Crowned Heads cigar discount online, it’s not like you are looking for a cheap fix to satisfy your habit. Instead, you are looking for an affordable experience that you can enjoy on occasion.
  • A good cigar is expensive. That’s simply not true. While cigars that contain rarer ingredients are typically more expensive than those that contain easy-to-find ingredients, you can find incredibly flavorful cigars at affordable prices quite easily online.


Where to start?

We always recommend that new cigar aficionados check out a discount Crowned Heads cigar sampler pack. This allows you to try out many different cigars in order to determine your specific pallet.

The most trusted place to find discounted Crowned Heads cigars online is Dallas Discount Cigars.