Cigar Sampler With Humidor

A cigar sampler can be a great opportunity to try a bunch of different brands and blends while a cigar sampler with a humidor is even better. By throwing in the humidor, you have a place to store your cigars, keeping them at the perfect temperature and humidity level.

Lone Star State Cigars offers cigar sampler deals that can get your collection up and running if you are new to the hobby. We can also re-stock your collection if you are already an avid smoker.


Why do I need a humidor?

A cigar humidor is more than just a cool place to store your cigars. They are actually pertinent to getting your cigars to age properly, and not go stale and lose flavor. At Lone Star State Cigars, you are able to buy a cigar sampler pack that comes with this important accessory. This will control:

  • Temperature: If cigars get too hot or cold, it can dramatically affect their aging process for the worst. When you get a cigar sampler with humidor, this storage unit will keep cigars roughly at 65 to 70 degrees, which is perfect.
  • Humidity: Extreme humidity levels are also a major enemy of a quality cigar. Your humidor will control the humidity level, generally keeping it at around 70 percent.
  • Convenient and ease: Aside from controlling the climate, humidors are a convenient way to store your cigars. It’s not efficient to put them all in individual cases. Plus, letting them roll around loosely puts you at risk of losing one. High-end cigars are serious investments, and you must protect them.

Our cigar sampler deals will equip you with everything you need — from a wide range of cigars, to the main tool needed to keep those cigars aging well.

Like all of our products, each cigar sampler with humidor comes at a deeply discounted price. Take advantage of these savings and enjoy a great smoke on us.