CAO Brazilia

When most smokers think about top-notch cigar tobacco, they probably do not immediately consider Italian cigars; however, a CAO Brazilia cigars sampler pack could change that misconception.

CAO is one of the world’s most innovative cigar brands, and they are known for continuing to push the boundaries of flavor and style. Experts say that experienced and novice smokers alike will love the features provided by the Lone Star State Cigars’ Italia cigars sampler pack, which provides a novel smoking experience at an astoundingly reasonable price.


The Rich Tradition Of CAO Cigars

Those who purchase the CAO Brazilia cigars sampler pack will be buying into a longstanding tradition. This United States-based company is known for its elegant cigars that are created by a tight-knit group of relatives.

The founder of CAO says that he acquired a passion for fine tobacco while pursuing a college degree in his home country of Turkey. That passion has led to the fine offerings that can now be found in a Italia cigars sampler pack from Lone Star State Cigars.


What to Expect

Our discount CAO cigars sampler pack is sure to tickle your fancy, no matter your smoking style! CAO cigars provide high-quality taste at an affordable price point. Selections include:

  • CAO Italia: Known for its full-bodied flavor from a four-country blend of tobacco.
  • CAO Brazilia: Also full-bodied with a complex taste that is both toasty and earthy.
  • Many other CAO offerings for those with preferences ranging from mild to robust

Why settle for any other cost-conscious cigar brand? By browsing our selection, you can get started on building your very own sampler pack.

You can rest assured that your CAO Brazilia cigars sampler pack will be a crowd-pleaser; after all, the Brazilia cigar has earned a ‘91’ rating among cigar aficionados. That high praise is well earned, according to experts, and the Brazilia is consistently ranked among the ‘Best Buy’ categories within industry publications.