Asylum Cigars Online

Shopping for Asylum cigars online is a convenient way to get ahold of one of the hottest cigars sweeping across specialty shops throughout the world.

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What Asylum has to offer cigar aficionados

If you’ve heard the catchy name and are looking to see what the buzz is all about, consider trying one of these unique blends:

  • Asylum Premium: Available in a variety of sizes as well as two different wrapping styles, this line offers a medium to full body. This is definitely not one of our Asylum cigars online that you want to miss out on.
  • The Ogre: The uniqueness of this cigar is unmatched by any other brand its size. Just in the wrap alone lies a myriad of flavors contained in both a Candela wrapper and a Habano wrapper.
  • Asylum 13: These cigars have every right to be labeled Nicaraguan puros. They are dark with a medium to full body of flavors. These are another favorite of ours, and we’re sure you won’t want to miss out on this one of our Asylum cigar deals.


An unforgettable experience

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