Aging Room Quattro F55 Concerto Cigars

For those with a discerning taste and who are looking for that one special cigar, Aging Room Quattro F44 Concerto cigars are sure to please. At Lone Star State Cigars, we don’t just specialize in bringing you cigars at affordable prices.

No, we pride ourselves in finding high-end cigars and offering them as affordably as possible. You can even buy these cigars from the comfort of your own home.


The Aging Room line

Truly a respectable line in its own right, Aging Room never ceases to outdo itself. This company seems to always be looking for that special element that will set it apart, and so far it has not disappointed.

  • The story of one relatively new cigar, the M356, and how it came about is actually quite interesting. When first created, retailers couldn’t even think about offering Aging Room M356 cigars online. There simply wasn’t enough material to produce enough of them. Flash forward to present day. These delectable little beauties are being produced in small batches and selling like crazy, especially here at Lone Star State Cigars.
  • Next are the exclusive Aging Room Quattro F44 Concerto cigars. Made from Indonesian wrapper leaves found in an out-of-business factory, these limited edition lovelies contain notes of citrus followed by earthy sweetness with a medium body throughout. Certainly a cigar you don’t want to miss out on.


Buying Online

To some hardcore aficionados, buying in-store is the only way to get their cigars. They wouldn’t dream of purchasing Aging Room M356 cigars online, or any other cigar for that matter. We believe you shouldn’t have to pay more for a cigar, especially after devoting your time to find it.

The cigar experience starts when you first take it out of your humidor, not when you trek through traffic only to pay twice as much for the same cigar. For us, the quality of Aging Room Quattro F44 Concerto cigars doesn’t come from the price you pay but from the skilled hands that made them.