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Lone Star State Cigar Co. started from a dream owner Steve Parker would one day turn into a reality. Lone Star State Cigar Co. was established in April 2013 with one goal in common: offer first class customer service and world class cigars. Steve is very passionate about the rights of cigar smokers nationally and in Texas. He is a member of the International Pipe & Cigar Retailers Association, Cigar Rights of America and seats on the Board of Directors for the Texas Cigar Merchant Association. Steve has also partnered up with nationally recognized charitable organizations including The Taylor Hooton Foundation and Guns & Hoses. Drop by our locations and introduce yourself. We would love to have you.

“What you do stops here and who you are begins.”

Membership has its privileges

Members of Lone Star State Cigar Company enjoy not only discounted rates on cigars, but special bundle options, first dibs on new releases, special promotion discounts, personalized lockers, members only events and a whole lot more. View our membership prices and stop by to talk shop with us. We may cut you a deal you can’t refuse.

Discount Cigars Dallas

Many cigar aficionados prefer the thrifty hunt for discount cigars Dallas online rather than devoting their time making a trip to a cigar store downtown.

This breed of cigar enthusiasts recognizes that the quality of a cigar doesn’t come from the price you pay, and the best online cigar store will have the same quality brands they love at a more affordable price. Lone Star State Cigars has amassed a huge collection of name brand cigars priced for the thrifty aficionado that is sure to stand out among any collection.

Why do you smoke?

In an age where cigarette smoking is being attacked on all sides and demonized in the media, cigar lovers everywhere are often mistakenly lumped in the same category as a typical smoker and asked the question “Why do you smoke?”

Our company is full of cigar lovers that have been asked this question time and time again. We offer discount cigars online in Dallas to clients that have probably faced the same question. So, why do you? It isn’t really a simple question — each person enjoys a decadent cigar for his or her own reason.

Maybe you received a long anticipated promotion. Maybe you are expecting a child. Maybe you just had a long day and are looking for a way to relax.

Finding your favorite brand of discount cigars Dallas online can help you affordably prepare for the celebrations with a special cigar waiting in your humidor.

You deserve the best

While some of us find more reason to enjoy a cigar than others, it doesn’t mean you need to over pay for the same cigars you would find in the store. When you buy cigars online from the best online cigar store, you can be assured of the quality and care of your cigars from day one.

The only way to show you the high quality of our affordable cigars is to invite you to place an order. Select a small package or sampler from our discount cigars Dallas online store and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

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NFL Sunday Ticket

Join us as we kickoff every Sunday with our NFL Sunday Ticket. Both Allen and Plano locations have NFL Sunday Ticket package. Come catch the game on our multiple big screens from the comfort of our fine leather chairs. Trash talking welcome.


  • Site Undergoing Maintainence March 11, 2015 - But our locations are still open! Allen: 190 E. Stacy Rd. Ste 406 Allen, Tx 75002 972-984-6786 Plano: 1100 14th St. Plano, Tx 75074 972-424-7272

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For promotional events or parties contact our Allen location at 972.984.6786 or our Plano location at 972.424.7272, or email me directly at steve@lonestarstatecigars.com